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Are you an artist?

Learn, Create, Showcase

• Calling dancers, musicians, actors, stand up comedians, puppeteers and other performing artists
• Learn by attending climate courses and collaborate with climate experts
• Showcase your creative climate story

Are you a climate expert?

Collaborate, Communicate

• Calling scientists, academics, community leaders, and pioneers of climate solutions¬†
• Collaborate with artistic storytellers to create evidence based stories
• Communicate your research, perspectives, solutions at scale

Do you want to support?


• Calling Philanthropists, Foundations, Corporates, Media, Academic Institutions
• Back us through donations, grants and sponsorships
• Partner with us to achieve impact at scale
• Use art as a vehicle for change

Do you want to partner?

Join Forces

• Calling academic institutions, B. Corps, community organizations, climate businesses¬†
• Leverage resources, co-host, boost visibility
• Unite to communicate fresh perspectives and amplify climate solutions
• Partner with us to co-host events
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